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Program Highlights  

These program highlights are for the most popular programs we do. We are also very happy to customize and tailor a program to your specific needs and challenges. We will go to great lengths to achieve the goals of your session. Any program can be delivered in any time format that would be unproblematic for your workflow, to include 60-90 minutes, half-days or a full day.  

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          How to Stay Motivated and Energized in Challenging Times   

Now more than ever, we need practical techniques on how to stay focused and not make things any worse than they already are. We also have to focus on what we can control and ask ourselves, “What can I do that’s under my control to make things better?"                    

Mental Toughness 

Studies show that 77% of what we think about is negative or counterproductive. Negative thinking is a tremendous cost to both individuals and organizations since all success or failure is based on mental principals. We have all heard of the solution- to maintain a "positive mental attitude." But what does that really mean? How do we do that in a practical sense? This workshop or keynote presentation offers a step-by-step process for tapping into the power of our minds to program ourselves for success and peak performance.


            From Management to Leadership                            

Management - to direct or control an action; Leadership - to bring a person to a place. Learn the essential skills and perspective to lead your employees to a place of believing in the company, your leadership, and wanting not only to do the work- but wanting to work for you.         


            Overcome Workplace Negativity                        

Real-world, practical solutions for dealing with negativity when it creeps into your team, department, or organization. Learn how to spot to spot and fix negative attitudes before they fester and become contagious, methods to help you hold people accountable for their negative behaviors, and ways to transform negativity into optimism. 


                     Time Management for Success                    

Learn how to develop an action plan, focus on the important issues, prioritize tasks and maintain the discipline needed to complete them. This program provides practical time management techniques for identifying key time wasters, setting boundaries, handling interruptions and maximizing productivity. 


Life gets easier and you live with less resentment when you can speak up for yourself in an assertive and professional way – both at work and at home. Saying the right thing, in the right place, at the right time, and in the right way is an indispensable career skill.  


            Confrontation and Conflict Resolution Skills                   
Essential training for today’s collaborative, team-oriented workplace. Conflict can have a devastating effect on productivity, morale, teamwork and ultimately your organization's bottom line. When handled the right way, conflict can energize, produce change, and bring together opposing parties. 

            Team Building    

In today’s competitive environment, it’s critical that employees are part of a cohesive team that is working together for common goals. This training session gets employees out of their usual routines and has them interact with each other to build bonds and relationships that can enhance overall performance by having a firm foundation to withstand pressure. 

Looking for an innovative, fun idea to spruce up your next training or corporate event? The Buzz Bowl is a parody of Jeopardy® with up to 4 teams of up to 6 members each, each with their own electrical buzzer. It's a highly effective training technique that boosts retention, teamwork, and contributes to a positive and fun working environment. I have been doing this for 15 years in settings as diverse as the U.S. Army to corporate America, and it has always been a hit! 

            Change Management                      

Change is a inevitable part of life and realistically we only have two choices when it comes to dealing with change: fight it and let fear keep us stuck in the status quo; or embrace it and view it as not only exciting, but what makes life worth living. 

            Powerful Presentation Skills                        

Whether the goal is to make sales, develop rapport with customers, or persuade an audience, the ability to present your ideas in a confident manner is essential to career success. This workshop is designed to help you communicate with more composure, confidence, and in a more compelling manner. It will help you unearth self-defeating attitudes and replace them with positive expectations. You’ll also get tips to help you deal with trembling hands, butterflies, and other nervous symptoms.

Increase your productivity with tailored to your needs. Cope more easily with heavy workloads, demanding expectations and the daily dramas that cause stress and burnout. Increase your staff’s mental toughness and decrease the likelihood they will be distracted by negative emotions while under pressure. Have the members of your workforce spend more time being focused and productive and less time feeling annoyed or frustrated. Stop wasting energy being bothered by the situations that can’t be controlled and start assuming personal responsibility for the things and situations you don’t like.