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Team Building Training
Team Building Training from Kevin Stacey and TrainRight, Inc.


·        Put the participants in situations where they are forced to interact with each other.

·        Obtain a shared commitment of the big picture of why the employees are all there (ex.-to serve the customers, etc).

·        Get everyone on the same page and realizing his or her individual success is determined by group effort.

·        Learn the behaviors and skills of successful group problem solving and decision making in a safe, controlled environment.

·        Reduce conflict and increase collaboration.

·        Reduce “territorial” attitudes as in: “That’s not my department.”

·        Reduce hardening of the attitudes, as in: “I’m owed something by the company.”

·        Have the employees realize that they have more in common than they think

Delivery method: Combination of lecture, role-playing, group activities, exercises, a survival simulation, and a group styles inventory from Human Synergistics International.