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Change Mangement

Change is a inevitable part of life and realistically we only have two choices when it comes to dealing with change: fight it and let fear keep us stuck in the status quo; or embrace it and view it as not only exciting, but what makes life worth living. 

  Learn how to:

  • Embrace the following three ideas that change requires: 
    I move into the future.
    I open to learning and expand my horizon.
    I am.................taking action to master change. 

  • Challenge your underlying belifs that keep you resisiting change.  

  • What you can control in life and what you can't.  
  • Recall a time in your life that change worked out for the best, and use this memory to help face future change experiences with less anxiety. 

  • Incorporate quick “pattern interrupt” techniques into your life to
    cool yourself down when you feel yourself starting to "lose it."

  • Take choices in order to take responsibility for the things that
    you fear instead of stressing over them. 
  • Realize that you are responsible for everything in your life, 
    and how to let go of assigning blame. 

  • Understand whatever we chose to dwell on in our minds grows in our experience, take more control of your conscious mind. 

  • Shift what you're dwelling on when it is counter productive, and melt your own "mental snowballs." 

  • Break the cycle of “obsession paralysis” and the habit of blowing
    things out of proportion and making them worse than they really are.

  • Channel the energy that is wasted worrying and use it to create
    the circumstances you desire in your life
    and career.

  • Put your mind into "neutral" periodically to enhance creativity,
    concentration, and relaxation.

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