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How to Stay Motivated and Energized in Challenging Times
stress management training

“Life is not the way it’s supposed to be, it is the way it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.” -Virginia Satir

Pain in life is inevitable; misery is optional…Annoying situations and people are
inevitable; giving away your power to them is optional…Being busy is inevitable; feeling overwhelmed, taking work home with you, and staying up all night is
optional…It’s always a choice… 

Now more than ever, we need practical techniques on how to stay focused and  not make things any worse than they already are. We also have to focus on what we can control and ask ourselves, “What can I do that’s under my control to make things better?”

Individual Benefits
Learn specific 
techniques to:
Employer Benefits
Members of your workforce will:
*  Reduce self-created stress and the habit of blowing things out of proportion. * Spend more time being creative and productive and less time feeling frustrated.
*   Pull yourself out of harmful reaction spirals and incorporate quick relaxation techniques. *   Reduce the expenditure of energy on future events and the things they can’t control.
* Boost your professional productivity and personal happiness. * Decrease complaining and negativity and increase teamwork.
* Stay in control of your own emotions. * Stop “dramatizing the deadlines.”
* Channel the energy that is wasted worrying and use it to create the circumstances you desire.  * Become more effective and productive by focusing on things they can control.
* Infuse your life with greater wisdom and restraint. * Assume personal responsibility for the things and situations they don’t like.
* Express gratitude for what you have instead of disappointment over what is perceived to be lacking.  *  Cope more easily with workloads, expectations and the daily dramas that cause stress and burnout.