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Beyond the Basics: Powerful Presentation Skills to Make the Mundane Compelling. 

 Powerful Presentation Skills

Whether the goal is to make sales, develop rapport with customers, or persuade an audience, the ability to present your ideas in a compelling manner that calls people to action is essential to career success. This workshop is designed to help you communicate with more confidence, persuasion, and in a manner that creates a powerful human bond between presenter and listener.  

You’ll learn:


  •      The “psychology” of successful presenting.
    •   How it’s an inner game: what’s going on in the mind of the presenter  makes all the difference in his/her success.
    •   How your self-concept regulates your performance.
    •   To unearth any self-defeating attitudes and replace them with positive  expectations.
    •   Way’s to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.
    •   To use visualization to put yourself in a positive frame of mind.
    •  How to deal with trembling hands, butterflies, and other nervous  symptoms.
    •  Transform the emotion of fear and anxiety into enthusiasm.  
  •  Advanced “Mind Mapping” techniques to structure, organize and recall the content of your presentation.
  •  Waking up the audience and keeping them interested.
    •        Eliminating monotones.
    •        Put enthusiasm and energy into the voice.
    •        Use proper pacing and vocal variety.
    •        The power of proper pausing.
    •        Incorporate advanced breathing techniques to maximize
         the quality of voice and perception of confidence.
    •        Understand how using vivid, emotional, and imaginative images can
         influence the audience and their decisions.
    •        Advanced verbal filler (uh, you know, like) eliminators.
    •        Incorporating humor into your presentation.

  •       Creating a human bond with the audience.
    •        Techniques to overcome the internal objections to opening yourself up
         and divulging personal information.
    •        When to open yourself up and when not to.
    •        How to develop rapport with your audience and use common
    •        Mention what you know they care about and demonstrate that you care    enough to understand their situation.
    •        Understand the powerful effect of smiling.
    •        The best ways to maintain direct but appropriate eye contact.

  •        Using stories
    •  Being memorable: why people only remember the stories you tell them and not the “meat” of the presentation.
    •  The best ways to use personal stories that effectively make your points
      and create an emotional bond with your audience.
    •  How to find your own stories.
    • How to make your stories funny. 
  •       Being persuasive and compelling:
    •  The secrets of the sales masters.
    •  Understand enthusiasm- the transfer your enthusiasm about your product or service into the heart or mind of the other person.
    •  Show the audience what it cost’s them if no action is taken.
    •  How to call the audience to action.
  •  Video taping and expert analaysis also available