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Overcome Workplace Negativity  

Real-world, practical solutions for dealing with negativity when it creeps into your team, department, or organization. Learn how to spot to spot and fix negative attitudes before they fester and become contagious, methods to help you hold people accountable for
their negative behaviors, and ways to transform negativity into optimism. 

Learn how to:

  • Realize that we are responsible for everything in our lives,
    and negativity starts and ends with the individual. If you’re
    negative, it’s your problem and you’re responsible to do
    something about it.

  • The 4 choices that you must make in order to take responsibility
    for the things that you don’t like in life instead of becoming negative
    over them. If you’re not making one of these- then you’re not taking
    responsibility, which is a breeding ground for negativity. 

  • Remind yourself of the frailty and impermanent nature of life,
    and what it costs you when you get yourself negative.  

  • Get clear on what the big things in your life are and what ought
    to be the small, trivial, things- and expend your energy accordingly.

  • Gain a better balance and healthier perspective in life to
    ensure that your days are more peaceful, satisfying
    and enjoyable- both at home and on the job.

  • Incorporate quick “pattern interrupt” techniques into your life to
    cool yourself down when you feel yourself starting to "lose it."

  • Focus on what you can control, which makes you not only less
    negative, but more effective and productive.

  • Recognize that it’s going to be a mental process. Your thinking
    will need to change, which will change your feelings and beliefs
    and then your behavior.

  • Understand that how you feel about yourself directly affects
    your levels of stress and negativity. 

  • Appreciate the power of your mind. You become what you think
    about most of the time, and everything you give language to will
    manifest itself. What you focus on is what you attract.

  • Thought recognition techniques- can you hear what you're thinking?

  • Grasp that you have control over what goes on inside of your own
    head. If you don’t, then who or what does? Is it worth it to you
    to give away your power like that?

  • Introduction to the most common cognitive distortions:

  • Over-generalizing

  • Global labeling

  • Filtering

  • Either/or thinking

  • Self-blame

  • Center of the universe

  • Control fallacies

  • Have a “rapid response” defense system to combat negativity.
    The 5 methods for disproving automatic thoughts.

  • Break the cycle of “obsession paralysis” and the habit of blowing
    things out of proportion and making them worse than they really are.

  • Put your mind into "neutral" periodically to enhance creativity,
    concentration, and relaxation.

  • Define in your own terms what it would take to feel a sense of
    happiness, success, and inner peace.

  • Appreciate the differences in others, and not frustrate yourself
    by expecting everyone to be the way you think they should be.

  • Give other people the benefit of the doubt instead of prejudging,
    jumping to conclusions and criticizing unfairly.  

  • Embrace the inevitableness of change in life instead of fighting it.

  • Channel the energy that is wasted worrying and use it to create
    the circumstances you desire in your life.

  • Use assertive and professional communication techniques to ensure a
    professional working environment.

  • Identify the 4 basic communication styles and how to work best with each.

  • Cope more easily with overwhelming workloads, unrealistic
    expectations, and daily dramas that cause stress and burnout.

  • Implement an agenda that is guaranteed to produce positive,
    productive, staff meetings.

  • Get in touch with what you are grateful for and what is going
    well in your life, and be able to remind yourself and return to it quickly.

  • Brainstorm what is going well and what you are enjoying with your
    current employment situation.


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