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Mental Toughness Audio CD

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Manage the clutter to achieve success and peace of mind.

Just because you think it, does that mean you have to dwell on it?

Mental Toughness is a 60-minute audio program that teaches you how to stop counterproductive thinking and train your mind to work for you, not against you. Life can be tough enough; you don't need your own thoughts to make it worse.

  •  Win the battle within yourself and not allow your mind to be the master.

  •  Slow down the “busy” mind and learn to put your mind into “neutral.”

  •  Develop a new relationship with your thoughts so you don’t need to react.

  • Form a barrier between your inner self and external people and situations.

  • Create a pattern interrupt to resist harmful thinking.

  •  Stop analysis paralysis and the habit of overanalyzing.

  • Resolve or reframe mental snowballs.

  • Focus on the way you want your life to be, not the way you   fear it will be.

Kevin Stacey’s lively and energetic program teaches you the secrets of the mentally tough through 10 simple words beginning with the letter “R”- easy to learn and easy to remember. As he introduces you to each concept, you will:

-Understand the 2 tenets of mental toughness:
   Realization and Responsibility

 -Learn the 4 keys to managing mental clutter:
   Recognition, Reality, Resistance and Replacement

 -Choose one of the 4 options to stop living in your head:
    Reduce, Resolve, Reframe and Respite

 -Develop a new relationship with your thoughts.

Use this CD to help you win the battle within yourself, don’t allow your mind to be the master, and focus on the way you want your life to be, not the way you fear it will be. All for only $15.00!

Click here to order now!


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