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Mental Readiness for the National Guard and Guard Families 


“Life is not the way it’s supposed to be. It is the way it is.
The way we cope with it is what makes the difference.” 

–Virginia Satir

Learn specific techniques to: 

  • Deal with a deployment and reunion in an effective way and 
    don’t make it any worse than it has to be. 

  • Reduce fear, concern and worrying about future events. 

  • Improve your situation by concerning yourself with what you can control: your attitude.

  • Become less annoyed, frustrated, and overwhelmed. 

  • Reduce self-created problems and the habit of blowing things out of proportion.

  • Focus on how you want situations to turn out instead of how you fear them to turn out. 

  • Pull yourself out of harmful “mental snowballs.”

  • Stay in control of your emotions. 

  • Take responsibility for the things that bother you.

    Deployments are challenging, but learn how not to make it worse than it has to be and keep mentally focused on the mission. 

    Kevin Stacey, MBA, of TrainRight, Inc.
    Kevin Stacey is an ex-military professional speaker and corporate consultant who teaches people how to reduce
    self-created problems and boost professional productivity and personal effectiveness. He served in the USAR 399thCombat Support hospital for six years, participated in Operation Just Cause, and has presented at 7 National Guard State Family Readiness Workshops. G State Workshops. These states include: Nevada, Ohio, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Delaware, and the Virgin Islands (twice). He is available to speak as a keynote presenter of breakout training session leader.  

    Click here to read a newspaper article from the Lafayette, Louisiana Daily Advertiser about Kevin's appearance with the Louisiana National Guard entitled: "Preparing for Combat: Professional Speaker Advises Guard on Mental Readiness."


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