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We deliver on-site training and consulting to your organization to help you and your staff: Work at full capacity and get results.

Our Clients

  • Kevin Stacey is the perfect speaker for this subject. He is a very compassionate and understanding person. He is energetic, knowledgeable, hits the nail on the head, and most importantly- he touched my heart.
    Barbara Tague, Bell South
  • It’s rare for me to rate anyone an honest 10 in so many areas. I’ve been to a lot of seminars, this is the first time for me to be 100% satisfied. Thanks!
    Trish Shipley, Minnesota Relay Service
  • Kevin’s flexibility in program presentation and his ability to connect with participants show his understanding and comfort with the subject matter. Kevin gave participants many useful examples that staff will find beneficial in both their home and professional lives to resolve conflict and confrontation.
    Judith Miller, Washington County Hospital
  • On behalf of the entire Cincinnati Regional Sales Office Team, I want to compliment you on your Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace program. It has been many years since our team has overwhelmingly had a positive reaction to an onsite seminar. Your passionate delivery and sharing of personal experiences were appreciated by all participants.
    Philip R. Ponicsan, Ford Motor Company

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